Auto dimming mirror

The EC glass Germid applies to the mirror comes from American corporation who owns the patent. The technology of EC glass is the most advanced SPM-TSR which is much better than LSM-TSR , while many Asian companies use EC glass with technology of LSM-TSR. EC mirror with SPM-TSR technology has been supplied to car manufacturers for years. And it is a validated and reliable technology.

As Germid cooperates with the company who has patent on EC glass, Germid can legally sell products to North America, Europe, Asia and other areas. Germid is the third company who has the right to supply EC mirror to those areas.

SPM-TSR:  Acronym for Solid Polymer Matrix Technology    produced 
using Third Surface Reflector technology.
LPM-TSR:  Acronym for Liquid Polymer Matrix Technology produced using Third Surface Reflector technology.