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Safety The rear view mirror is a safety parts and compulsorily certified by each country. It must conform to the related safety standards, while it is ignored by many sellers. They pay much attention to the electronic functions, such as the gps & navigation, bluetooth etc, thus ignoring that the rear view mirror itself should be a perfect mirror, a mirror that the driver can view the back from it. 
At the same time, Germid complies with the safety standards set by the automotive security department of the related states, which makes customers get the rearview mirror that conforms to the safety regulations. 
Patent Some U.S companies stepped into the development of electronic rear view mirror earlier, so many patents of rear view mirror are owned by them. Now more than 97% OEM rear view mirrors are occupied by two U.S companies. Those in Asia and Europe are confident to this area even though they know litter. However, they choose to leave after the further study of car rear view mirror since they're restricted in many patents.
Some suppliers sold some mirrors that are not certified because of their limited industry knowledge, causing some hidden dangers for future business 
Germid has a thorough knowledge of the patent for car rear view mirror, avoiding many patent restricts. We attach great importance to the innovation of science and technology by absorbing lots of patent technologies, occupying 9% share of global RCD rear view mirror.