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Shenzhen Global Media Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, was publicly listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on 29, Oct. 2015.
After several years of research, Germid successfully developed a series of rearview mirror production lines, including WinCE navigation system, Android navigation system, DVR system, rearview camera system, CANBUS vehicle information system, auto-dimming, manual dimming, parking sensor, temperature and compass display, velocity radar, etc.
Nowadays, Germid has a worldwide sales network: we offer OEM service for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, GM and so on. While in aftermarket, we have established a very strong local high-end markets position, in areas such as North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Japan, and others.
Patented technologies, in comply with all safety regulations, enabled Germid to break existing monopoly positions and develop rapidly. Germid mirrors comply with all national safety regulations such as DOT, FCC, E-mark, C-tick, SASO, ADR and ROHS. However, more important for us is to develop mirror solutions that also meet all safety standards when they are mounted and integrated on the vehicles.
Multimedia rearview mirrors are important safety instruments for vehicles and the manufacturers are compulsorily responsible for it in the following 5 to 15 years. So, Germid deals with the details as engineers in automotive factory to ensure the safety and interests of drivers. It is this attitude that helped us win the recognition and trust of our customers all over the world.
So far, Germid owns 37 patents which include Chinese, European and North American invention patents and utility-model patents. Starting from scratch and relying on technological innovation and patented technology, Germid has grown to become one amongst the world top three and is the only Asian multimedia rearview mirror producer for OEM market.
Our aim is to constantly develop and deliver better and safer electronic rearview mirrors for drivers throughout out the world.


Our Responsibilities

The God – Everyone has a God in his heart. We believe that the God observes and dominates everything including the vast universe, the mortal and fragile being. We are all brothers under the God's shine and shelter. Even when driving you could see the God in the mirror keep eyes on you. The God is with us and always prays for us.
Employees – At present, 20% shares of GERMID are held by our employee. And it will increase in the future. GERMID is not a family firm but we treat each other like a family. We carefully observe and train every employee, to give full play of their potential, to realize value of their lives. Employee is not only the core competiveness of our company but also the fortune that the god has given.
Suppliers – To keep the quality of our rearview mirror reliable and our efficient capability of developing new product, GERMID needs constant and stable support of technologies and materials from suppliers. Suppliers are important members of our extended family. We are committed to establishing long-term co-operations with our suppliers. High-quality materials and technical services are prior to competitive price.
Customers – The trust of customers is fully cherished by GERMID. We serve customers with our full heart and soul. When supplying high-quality, advanced rearview mirror with competitive price, we also pay much attention on customer service. We try our best to fully meet every specific requirement from customers. Because we know that service and quality are both important for customers. Mirror is only a kind of carrier. Customers will be absolutely satisfied when they get good product and service.


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